ВКС Зеленоград - Преподаватели

Zoi Ralli
BA in Language literature and Culture of the Black sea countries M.sc in Translation studies CELTA
Polina Smirnova
CELTA, CTEFL, Diploma in Teaching English
Daniel Saraiva
ADoS for satellite schools, CELTA, IH-CAM, DELTA, BA in Biology
Curt Millen
BA in Comunication, Trinity TEFL - Oxford TEFl, IELTS/TOEFL/SAT/GMAT/ CPE/ CAE/FCE teacher
Olga Connolly
DOS for Teacher Training Centre and BKC IH in-house continuous professional development (CPD), Delta Trainer, CELTA Trainer, MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Raul Pope Farguell
CELTA Trainer, MA Applied Linguistics (Distinction), DELTA, CELTA, BA (Hons)
Vita Khitruk
MA in Linguistics, CELTA, IH CITYLT
Anastasiia Derevyankina
ADOS of Intensive Programmes, MA in Philology, MA in Translation, Certificate of Academic Leadership, CELTA, DELTA, ADOS
Aline Capanema de Barros
BA Engineering; CELTA 2017; TKT I, II, III, YL, CLIL; Delta M1
Elham Aminorroayaei
CELTA, TKT, BA in translation, MA in translation studies
Nicolas Benger
University of Manitoba, Degree in social work 2010 CELTA IH Almaty 2008 г
Alexei Partsev
Faculty of Foreign languages. English and French teacher

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