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The BKC Course in Advanced Methodology is another great course that I had the opportunity to do at BKC-IH. This has more than met my expectations. A wonderfully practical course, both professionally and personally. The tutors, Heather Belgorodtseva and Anna Kashcheeva, were fantastic—very knowledgeable, extremely supportive, and willing to answer questions as they came up. Thank you once again! 
Нона Гаспарян
Course in Advanced Methodology, май 2024,
It changes your perspective about teaching. You will understand better why we do what we do in class as teachers.
Яманда Резал
Course in Advanced Methodology, июнь 2024,
The course fully came up to my expectations. I found the combination of pre-session input and its processing and discussing in class very efficient. The course let me expand and systamatize my knowledge of various aspects of methodology. Not only did it lay the foundation for Delta Module 1 exam preparation but it also provided me with a wide scope of techniques and ideas for lessons.
Наталия Домбровская
Course in Advanced Methodology, июль 2023,
CAM was really practical and useful.
Мария Лобач
Course in Advanced Methodology, август 2023,
A very enlightening course that made me re-think how I plan and conduct my classes!
Мария Тимакова
Course in Advanced Methodology, май 2023,