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Big shoutout to Heather for being an incredible support system throughout the course! Her hands-on teaching style really made a difference. We dove into loads of practical ideas session by session, sharing experiences and learning from each other. The course was jam-packed with thought-provoking concepts that left me feeling inspired and ready to grow. Thanks a bunch, Heather, for all your guidance and encouragement!
Валерия Ломаченко
Курс "Train the Trainer", май 2024,
A great course which can help both those who already have some teacher training  experience  and those who have no such experience. I feel I now have a much clearer understanding of what the work of a teacher trainer involves and what different teacher training roles there are to choose from. The course offers  many practical tips based on educational theory,  and I will now try to incorporate some into my own teaching.
Ирина Ярмоленко
Курс "Train the Trainer", декабрь 2023,