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Отзывы о Teaching Very Young Learners Communicatively Course (3-6 y.o.)

All sessions were really useful for me, the material are more than valuable. Anka broadened my horizons in teaching VYL, now it doesn’t look so difficult as it was before. I participated both in the private consultation and in the lesson planning session, and I’m very thankful for this opportunity. I found all the answers I needed.
Alia Shreit
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, март 2024,
Really enjoyed my private consultation and got much profit of it. Really appreciate every session of a course. The course exceeded all expectations.
Александра Тюфякина
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, март 2024,
All the sessions were practical and useful. Managing classrooms, lesson planning are very vast topics and more discussions and time can be spent here. I would be interested in a block or a lesson devoted to online classroom, per to per or group as it is hard to teach online at this age.
Любовь Долматова
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, март 2024,
Благодарю за такой курс по малышам 3-6 лет с Анкой Запарт, это был удивительный опыт работы в группе с новой для меня аудиторией. Мне очень понравились насыщенность сессий, понятная и доступная подача материалов и вовлеченность. Спасибо большое!
Валентина Чебоксарова
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, май 2024,
I can totally recommend this course as an introduction into the world of VYL teaching: clear concepts, logical structure, first-hand invaluable experience shared by a wonderful teacher! I was in doubt before the course if I should risk teaching VYL, but having completed it I realise now I'm ready to start.
Людмила Запевалова
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, июнь 2024,
I got a lot of new interesting and helpful  information.To be a well qualified teacher you should improve your teaching skills all the time , so that's why for me it was very important to learn more about teaching very young learners, classroom management, strategies, techniques, main characteristics , features, skills which a good teacher should have. It was very interesting format of Sessions. It was fascinating and productive. Thank you very much.
Виктория Загороднова
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, апрель 2023,
Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to gain knowledge and develop my skills in the sphere of very young learners teaching. As I am an experienced teacher with more than 15 years of work with this age group, this course helped me to generalize the data I have collected, it inspired me to try new approaches and I just enjoyed every minute of it thanks to really friendly and creative atmosphere!
Дарья Сорокина
Teaching VYL Communicatively Course, декабрь 2023,