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I liked the course, the structure of it and the organisation were good. Even though I had had some experience in teaching, I found the course a lot useful. I plunged into it from the  very beginning, it got me hooked and made me think out of the box in many cases.The course was hard, challenging and rather intense, but the result was worth it. What I acquired during the course added to my prior knowledge and I benefited. I am fully satisfied with what I've done and learned to do. A big thank you to Heather and Irina, my mentors, who led me all through the way, charged me with their energy and positive outlook.
Наталия Крыжановская
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)",апрель 2024,
Данный курс обязателен к посещению вне зависимости от вашего опыта. Я долго сомневалась, но в итоге даже с 10-летним опытом - нашла для себя много полезного. Знания и практика позволили все распределить по полочкам в голове. Спасибо нашим тьюторам Heahter и Ирине за поддержку и знания.
Юлия Степанова
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", апрель 2024,
Замечательный курс, все очень хорошо организовано. Понравилось, что используются все материалы CELTA, а программа даже лучше адаптирована именно под российских студентов.
Особенно было приятно проходить курс у тьютэров Анастасии Деревянкиной и Heather Belgorodtseva. Преподаватели очень опытные, чуткие, всегда готовые помочь и подсказать. Отдельное спасибо администраторам Анне и Анне, которые всегда помогали с решением технических вопросов.
Надежда Абалакина
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", август 2023,
This course is an excellent way to kickstart your career as an english teacher or improve your skills, if you're a seasoned teacher already.
It supplies tons of invaluable knowledge and wastes no time getting you straight into teaching practice, all the while providing expert advice and support from your tutor.
I'm perfectly happy with the course and think it's worth every penny.
Роман Байбаков
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", апрель 2023,
Мне очень понравился курс, я узнала для себя много нового и интересного. Советую всем учителям пройти этот курс
Юлия Хакимулина
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", август 2022,
BKC got very talented profound trainers and teachers! I have learnt so much from the course instructors, they are very professional, knowledgable, fun, easy going and friendly! They know how to deliver information using creative ways to make the course not only useful, but also interesting and enjoyable!
Гулру Набиева
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)" , июль 2022,
Мне очень понравился курс, я узнала для себя много нового и интересного. Советую всем учителям пройти этот курс.
Юлия Хакимулина
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", август 2022,
The CET (Communicative English Teaching) course offered by BKC IH Moscow became an excellent opportunity to refresh my knowledge and practical teaching skills, which definitely needed it after a long break in teaching caused by choosing a different career path some time ago. The course was relatively short (4 weeks) and very intense, which means that some of the skills and techniques learned in class will need to be polished after its completion.

The course was enjoyable and useful, and it helped me in detecting my stronger and weaker points as a teacher, thus making clearer my further plans and goals. Also, it is very important that theoretical input sessions were complemented by practical teaching. Observing peers and tutors teaching, as well as watching videos of experienced teachers, provided excellent opportunities for correcting errors and expanding my toolbox of useful teaching techniques.

Again, the course was extremely interesting, useful, rewarding, and challenging at the same time. I am happy that I did not miss this learning opportunity.
Владислав Сорокин
Курс "Communicative English Teaching Course (BKC CET)", июнь 2022,