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Вебинары для преподавателей английского языка

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16 октября17:00-18:00
Tell me about it! Raising the level of challenge and maximising production in YLE
What's better: a student giving one word answers or a student replying in full sentences? A student answering in simple sentences or a student who can use complex sentences? A silly question because, of course, we want more! More language, more communication and more information.
In this webinar we are going to look at ways in which Starters, Flyers and Movers can boost language production in children.
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12 ноября15:00-16:00
Exploiting authentic texts in the classroom
Using an authentic text in the classroom is a good way to spice up our lessons with something topical, relevant to our students’ lives, interests or reasons for learning English, and it is also a language rich resource. This session will demonstrate some practical ideas about how to work with authentic texts while also exploring underlying principles behind the aims of the tasks or task design itself.
Зарегистрироваться Heather Belgorodtseva
18 ноября16:00-17:00
Another brick in the wall? Helping learners develop autonomy to enlarge their vocabulary
Why do teachers want to encourage learner autonomy? Why do independent learners still need teachers? We’ll try to answer these questions and look at some practical examples of how to help learners increase their range of vocabulary through more independent learning inside and outside the classroom. The session may be useful for teachers of General English, as well as for those preparing their students for exams.
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21 ноября17:00-18:00
For IELTS Teachers: how to spice up your IELTS classes?
We'll discuss 3 activities which could make your IELTS classes more varied and your students more alert. They require minimum prep time from you and are easy to set up. Join in to learn what you can add to your teaching toolkit.
Зарегистрироваться Maria Molashenko
28 ноября17:00-18:00
Top 8 IELTS Reading Lifehacks
We'll dive into IELTS Reading and talk about top Lifehacks, effective strategies, typical tasks and traps.
Зарегистрироваться Maria Molashenko
03 декабря16:00-17:00
Teaching and assessing speaking at advanced levels
What does success in speaking actually mean? We will look at the relevance this question has to the design of speaking exams, and what that means for the criteria used to assess students' performance. We will also explore some strategies and activities we can use in class to help students perform assessed speaking tasks successfully at higher levels
Зарегистрироваться Heather Belgorodtseva

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