ВКС Войковская - Преподаватели

Rory Duncan
(BA with merit, IH CAM, DELTA 1, CELTA) Senior Assistant Director of Studies: Young Learners (10-16) and Cambridge Exams
Edward Evans
DOS for Schools, PhD in Chemistry, Celta Trainer, Delta
Tim Cave
BA in Economics and Marketing, CELTA
Olga Connolly
DOS for Teacher Training Centre and BKC IH in-house continuous professional development (CPD), Delta Trainer, CELTA Trainer, MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Joseph Democritos
CELTA, DELTA, BA in history, Certificate in Advanced Methodology
Alexei Partsev
Faculty of Foreign languages. English and French teacher
Tatyana Klishina
CELTA-IH Moscow, Cambridge English Level 3 Certificate in ESOL International (Proficiency)
Polina Smirnova
CELTA, CTEFL, Diploma in Teaching English
Zoi Ralli
BA in Language literature and Culture of the Black sea countries M.sc in Translation studies CELTA
Ernesto Carrascosa
CELTA, Degree in Translation
Liam Kavanagh
BSc in Computer Science, CELTA
Anna Kashcheeva

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