- Преподаватели

Olga Connolly
DOS for Teacher Training Centre and BKC IH in-house continuous professional development (CPD), Delta Trainer, CELTA Trainer, MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Varvara Tyurina
MA in Linguistics and Cross-Cultural Communication, CELTA
Raul Pope Farguell
CELTA Trainer, MA Applied Linguistics (Distinction), DELTA, CELTA, BA (Hons)
Edward Evans
DOS for Schools, PhD in Chemistry, Celta Trainer, Delta
Sergey Tsypin
(немецкий) Specialist Diploma (linguist)
Dan Buturyan
Bucharest State University, Faculty of Foreign Languages
Nataliya Tutantseva
English Teacher for BKC-IH Moscow. qualifications: CELTA, IH-CAM, DELTA Module 2 ( with merit)
Yana Sholokhova
Specialist in Linguistics and Intercultural Communication (Lomonosov Moscow State University); TKT (3 Modules). Готовит к ЕГЭ, KET, PET, FCE
Jack Harvey
BSc Politics and International Relations, CELTA
Sinéad Romatet
CELTA, BA in Linguistics and Philosophy
Evgenya Lipilina
BA in Management, CELTA 2013, CPE (Grade A), готовит к KET, PET, FCE, CAE, ICFE

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