- Преподаватели

Anna Kashcheeva
Anna Agapova
Moscow Pedagogical State University, готовит к международным экзаменам ZD, ZMP, ZdaF, ZOP
Aline Capanema de Barros
BA Engineering; CELTA 2017; TKT I, II, III, YL, CLIL; Delta M1
Joseph Democritos
CELTA, DELTA, BA in history, Certificate in Advanced Methodology
Olga Connolly
DOS for Teacher Training Centre and BKC IH in-house continuous professional development (CPD), Delta Trainer, CELTA Trainer, MA in TESOL and Applied Linguistics
Irina Buyanova
CELTA, IH CYLT, TKT 3 Modules, BA in Linguistics
John Shaw
ADOS for Camps and Schools, CELTA, CAM, IH-CYLT, BA in History, MA in Early Modern European History
Jack Harvey
BSc Politics and International Relations, CELTA
Carolina Piazza
CELTA B 2017, BA in Linguistics
Edward Evans
DOS for Schools, PhD in Chemistry, Celta Trainer, Delta
Keely Laufer
CELTA 2018, MA in creative writing: poetry

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